Personnel Leasing

The advantages of personnel leasing

  • Allows the companies to focus their organizational effort on the core activity;
  • The company is in the founding period or has no legally entity in Romania;
  • Eliminating the wasted time till the approval of a new job in the structure;
  • It generates a specialized personnel economy and working space;
  • It reduces the administrative costs for the human resources department, especially for positions subject to fluctuation;
  • It uses the HR experience of our consultants, whose expert appraisement would be, otherwise, very expensive.

With the Personnel Leasing services, we hire the personnel that you need and then we detach them to you, fulfilling this way your employees' needs for a short, medium or long period of time.

What can we do for you ?

  • Personnel recruitment and (re)placement in the agreed period of time
  • Personnel administration and evidence
  • Ensuring the necessary documentation and administrative procedures
  • Calculation and payment for the salaries and vacations (medical leaves, vacations, etc.)
  • Monthly declarations for the social insurance
  • Employee survey – twice a year
  • Behavioral assessments using Thomas HR Management System
  • Support in the induction period
  • Trial period

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