Employee Assessment

Thomas International has been providing assessment and profiling for over 25 years to clients all over the world. Royalty Jobs International is certified to apply Thomas International.

Assessment and profiling show what people are capable of and how they act naturally or under pressure. This information can be used to identify what sort of job they will be good at, how well they will fit within your company/department, how you communicate better with them and even how far they will go in their career.

Behavioral Assessment

 Behavioral profiling and assessment in the work place will give you an insight and understanding into how people behave at work – what is their work style? How do they manage? How do they communicate? What motivates them? If you are aware of your strengths and limitations you can consolidate or compensate for them accordingly.

 The insights gained from behavioral profiling and assessment will lead to a great understanding of why people in the business behave the way they do.

 Thomas’ behavior assessment the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) has received a certificate of registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) to confirm it meets all psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool. 

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Team Assessment Tools

 Thomas’ Team Assessment can help turn around an underperforming team and be used to build high performance teams.

 Teams fail because of mismatched needs, unresolved conflict, personality clashes and lack of trust. All these can be addressed through understanding and recognizing how each person behaves and responds in different situations. Self-awareness can create a strong platform of understanding.

  Thomas’ team assessment has at its heart the behavioral assessment Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).  A team role assessment is done by profiling individual team members. Once each member is aware of their behaviors – their strengths, limitations and way of working – they will be able to understand and recognize those of others.  In this way, team role assessment gives an overview of the structure of the team, what each person brings to it and how behavioral modification can enhance team effectiveness.

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