Career Counselling/Consiliere in cariera

In those moments when you have a dilemma and you donít know anymore the professional way you would like to choose, it is recommended to ask for the advice of a career counselor. Such a counselor has the role to help you identifying your strong† and weak points, to re-estate your system of values, to get conscious of your abilities and to establish firmly the goals/objectives/purposes that you want to follow in your career.

If you find yourself in one of the situations bellow, do not hesitate to ask for the advice of a career counsellor :

1. You have not succeeded to get employed although you participated in a lot of interviews, lately.
2. You do not know yourself enough and you cannot appreciate correctly your qualities and aptitudes and also the aspects that should be improved.
3. You want to change your activity domain and you do not know for sure to which domain to direct yourself to.
4. You want to change your activity domain and you donít know if you take the right decision.
5. You want a professional improvement and you donít know which steps to follow, especially if you have a family to support.
6. You want to attend specific courses but there is a large offer on the market and you donít know which one to choose from benefit-cost point of view.
7. You donít have interviewsí experience, as you didnít take part in an interview for a long time and you are not sure you will make the best out of a meeting/ appointment/interview.
8. You donít know how to write down a curriculum vitae or a cover letter.
9. You want to know more details about the tendencies of labor market,† the companies on the market, about the required jobs or salary/wage policies.
10. You have some conflicts with your colleagues/superiors (chiefs) at your present job.

The first session is completely free and its goal is to present you the advantages of this type of services starting with your actual situation, the manner in which the future sessiůns will take place, as well as your investment.

The career counselling services are provided by specialists trained by authorities which are globally accepted as part of programs of professional training. Their accreditations will be brought in at the first counselling session as a guarantee for the provided services.

To†ask for†a free session, kindly write an email to, specifying in the subject :†Career Counselling - free session.


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